Student Serve Team
Student Serve Team
If you are a student and you are interested in joining the Student Serve Team please fill out the application below.
Contact Information
Name (First, Middle, Last)  * 
Street Address  * 
Home Number  * 
Cell Number
Your Email Address  * 
Date of Birth  * 
School  * 
Grade Level
Interests - Select 3 or more
Children's Ministry Helper - Nursery
Children's Ministry Helper - 3's
Children's Ministry Helper - 1st-5th
Children’s Ministry Tech Team
Children’s Ministry Worship Team
Student Ministry Tech Team
Student Ministry Video Team
Student Ministry Worship Team
Student Ministry Prayer Team
Student Ministry Clean Up Team
Student Ministry Welcome Team
Adult Service Usher Team
Adult Service Tech Team (Sr High Only)
Adult Service Welcome Team
Adult Service Parking Team
Adult Service Video Streaming Team
Adult Service Prep Team
Special Events Childcare Team
Spiritual Journey
Briefly describe your spiritual journey. When did you become a Christian? * 
Previous Experience
Have you had any experience working with in the area you are interested in serving? If so, how?
Baptism and Membership
Have you been Scripturally Baptized? (Total immersion after you became a Christ follower)  * 
Are you a member of High Pointe Church?  * 
Attending and Serving
We require all Student and Adult Volunteers to attend a High Pointe service if they are volunteering. Which service will you be attending?  * 
What service do you desire to serve in?  * 
Person to Notify in Case of Emergency
Name  * 
Phone Number  * 
I understand that by completing this application I will commit to serve wherever is best for this community, and will do my best to represent the servant heart of Christ.
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