Keep Kids Safe Childcare Registration
"Keep Kids Safe" Childcare Registration
Thank you for your interest and attendance in our "Keep Kids Safe" event on Monday February 25th from 6:30-8:00pm; hosted by the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center! This event is open to ALL families & FL community members!
We are offering free childcare for families that have children younger than 5 years of age. This resource is only available for children birth-age 5 (or up to pre-K-Kindergarten.) We will not have any other programming available for older children as they are encouraged to attend the program!
Parent/Guardian Name attending the event: (first/last)  * 
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We are offering a FREE childcare option for children birth-age 5(pre-K--Kindergarten) for this event. If you are interested in using our childcare programming, please list the names only of the of younger children needing care and required info below!
Please list the names & ages of children needing childcare: (first name, last name, current age and birthday)  * 
Do you have any medical/allergy/general concerns or helpful information that we should know prior to caring for your child? * 
*Please note all the childcare services will be provided by Willowbrook's staff and volunteers. All caregivers have received appropriate training and approved background checks.
When you arrive for the event you will need to physically check in at the KIDS CHECK IN desk; you will receive a mandatory security tag to enter/exit the kid's wing.
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