2018 Kids BASH Registration
2018 Kids BASH Registration
Thanks for registering your child/ren for our upcoming Wednesday Night BASH program! BASH runs each Wednesday night from 6:30-7:30pm from March 21st-May 9th.
*Please note there will be no regular BASH programming Wednesday April 18th!
BASH is for kids currently in Kindergarten thru 5th grade. Contact our Children's Director Alicen with any questions! Alicen@willowbrookchurch.org. Thanks and see you soon :)
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*We are asking that each parent volunteer for a BASH night ONE TIME during the 8 week session. (*note no programming 4/18/18)
Please list below 3 possible Wednesday evenings that you are able to volunteer/help at BASH programming. (*please note we will only schedule you for 1 night to volunteer!)  * 
Kid/s name (first/last) and current grade: (ex. Sarah Silver, 5th grade)  * 
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