Community Group Registration FALL 2018
Community Group Registration FALL 2018
Thank you for considering one of the community groups that we offer here at Willowbrook. Please complete the form below and one of our facilitators will contact you shortly!
All of our community groups are for adults 18 or older and are considered "co-ed", so they are great for couples or individuals!
If you are interested in a gender specific Bible Study, know that various options are available for those as well. Just contact us at for more info!
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Community Groups are for building connections within the Willowbrook family, we would ask that you attend often and would consider WB your home church!
Please describe your weekly attendance at Willowbrook church:  * 
I have a particular friend that I would like to be in community group with. (Please write their first & last name in this space if you desire)
Are there any questions you have about our Community Groups that we could answer?
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